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Vanessa - Founder + Chief Mixologist#reallyloveyourcocktail

Jimmy Tony's started as a curiosity in 2017. A big fan of good cocktails, I knew that a simple gin & tonic could be better, but still simple to make. So, I did a bunch of research and tested a multitude of ingredients until I came up with a recipe that I really loved. In 2020, I released a number of other flavoured cocktail syrups to the collection. What is your favourite?


Who is "Jimmy Tony"?

There's a story here. One of my favourite uncles has a thick italian accent. With this accent, he pronounces "gin & tonic" as "jeen & to-neek." Over time, this just turned into "jimmy tony", which is what he still calls this cocktail. As if that wasn't reason enough, my godfather's name is Jimmy and my father's name is Tony. It's a perfect combination of some of my favourite men.